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To identify and develop initiative packages with employer engagement in areas of response to the needs for emerging and upskilling the healthcare workforce.


To bring together partners in business, economic development, education, labor, government, and community-based organizations to address workforce shortages in healthcare and developed initiative packages for community colleges to align and support those shortage needs.


  • Each subcommittee consists of an industry chair and members who are experts in one or more areas pertinent to the identified initiative. The deputy sector navigator will help facilitate and support the subcommittee, with notes, resources, developed timeline, and communication.
  • The number of subcommittee members is determined by the scope of the area of interest, with consideration given to the range of expertise required, and the need to provide a balanced representation of perspectives institution size, gender, and geographic location.

Subcommittee Meeting Dates

  • List of dates (TBA)


  • Health Management / Technology / Cyber Security
    Paula Hodge
  • Nursing Education
    Shari Herzfeld, Julie Holt
  • Behavioral Health /Geriatric
    Irene Ornelas, Wendy Deras & Valerie Fisher
  • Public Health / Community Health Worker
    Connie Lafuente & Ozzie Lopez
  • Certified Nurse Assistant
    Laurie Sienkiewicz & Trudy Old
  • Public Safety
    Nanette Solvason
  • PreMed Pathway
    John Cordova