A Lesson In Innovation
Edition 0011 - 2018
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Career Pathway Outcomes
Edition 009 - 2017
The latest edition of our magazine highlights programs throughout the state which connect K-12 students with career exploration.
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2016 HWI Magazine
Edition 008 - 2016
This edition of our magazine provides an overview of current projects and activities by region.
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Providing Services to Business
Edition 007 - 2016
This edition of the HWI Magazine puts the spotlight on incumbent worker training opportunities we support and coordinate throughout the State. By collaborating with industry in each region, we can uniquely tailor training to the skills that are in demand.
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Men in Nursing
Edition 006 - 2016
This edition of the HWI magazine provides a candid overview of the male nurse experience. It includes excerpts from interviews with nurse leaders and relevant statistical data.
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2013 HWI Newsletter
Edition 005 - 2013
An overview of priorities by region.
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