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We invite you to enroll in the Infection Control for All Now: Safe Workplace

This self-paced basic training program is aimed at strengthening infection control and prevention competencies among Californians who work in the hospitality industry.

There is a clear need for an educated workforce knowledgeable about infection prevention and control. Safe practices and procedures are key to helping stop the spread of infectious disease and for instilling consumer confidence in frequenting hotels and restaurants. By completing this training, you will be able to demonstrate to employers and customers your competency and commitment to a safe workplace.

  • This course has enabled open enrollment.

  • Once you complete the course, you will have a short quiz to verify your completion and a digital badge will be issued to you electronically. 

  • Video registration information:

  • You can self-enroll in the course by registering here

    • Registration

    • It is highly encouraged that you use a personal email address rather than an educational based email address. There is often a firewall that prevents you to receive the email confirmation or the digital badge. This may be a means to take us off the "blocked list" and placed on the "approved" list for your districts.  Emails will be sent from the following

  • If you have any questions or concerns, please email us at 

    • Our response time is 24-48 hours 

Thank you to the following collaborators:

  • Harriett M. Pitt RN, BSN, PHN, MS - Epidemiologist, President, EPIC Management Group, Inc.

  • Terri Georgopoulos, MS, MA - Instructional Design Consultant

  • Lynn Denley-Bussard, President, Bussard Technology

  • Timothy Grant - Writer and Digital Content Managerial Professional

  • Rock Pfotenhauer, Regional Consortia Chair, Bay Area Community College Consortium

Please find this option of a webinar recording of the ICAN Program:

A joint collaboration: 


This project collaborates between the Health Workforce Initiative (#19-156-001) and the Retail, Hospitality, and Tourism sectors powered by the California Community College Chancellors Office. These two sectors collaborated with industry experts to develop these training modules for non-healthcare workers to understand better the safety and infection control practices in this new environment.

John Cordova, Statewide Director Employer Engagement - Health Workforce Initiative

Joy Hermsen, Statewide Director Employer Engagement - Retail, Hospitality & Tourism

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