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Community-Based Programs

  • Westminster Free Clinic & Community Care Center
    • Teen Healthcare Pathways Internship Of WFC’s over 100 High School students, over 50% have family members who need WFC for their healthcare needs. Students work side by side with our medical professionals to provide medical health care for people who are low income or uninsured

Hospital-Based Programs

  • Health Occupations Pipeline Education (HOPE) Ventura County Health Care Agency (VCHCA) Ventura County Office of Education (VCOE) 
    • HOPE was created to provide equal and diverse opportunities for all local high school, community college, and university students. In a few short years, HOPE has been instrumental in increasing educational opportunities, leadership and professional development for greater than 250 students in our community. The program is designed to provide authentic clinical exposure, insight into research and evidence, opportunity to explore professional goals and expand leadership opportunities regardless of student background. Equipment, supplies, and VCHCA training facilities are used to train students and expose them to new and innovative skills which we hope will inspire them to continue their higher education in health care while building our future workforce.