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What is Contact Tracing

Key Concepts


The California Department of Public Health (CDPH) surveyed the local health department and the County Health Executives Association of California on their needs. The report not published or released as of yet, shared by a Kat DeBurgh, Executive Director, Health Officers Association of California stated the need for 19K contract tracers across the state with some estimated other workforce needs listing here:

  • Case investigator (1831)
  • Clinical advisors (528)
  • Supervisors (2079)
  • Resource managers (2005)


Based on the response from the CA COVID-19 Response Team, Contact Tracing Workforce Expansion, of the California Department of Public Health

“At this time, the state is focusing on redirecting existing state staff for the contact tracing efforts.  We have UCSF/UCLA as our main training academy for staff to attend.  However, we are anticipating there will be several phases in this initiative.”


In the News


Available Training

Association of State and Territorial Health Officials

Johns Hopkins 

4MedPlus and 4ProPlus Training

  • Covid-19 CDC Guidelines
  • PPE modified use strategies for limited conditions
  • Respirator/respiratory guidelines during COVID-19
  • PPE Guidelines for emergency responders
  • A guide for managing anxiety during the pandemic
  • The Certificate of COVID-19 Awareness Proficiency


Employment Opportunities

The California Department of Public Health 

  • CDPH Human Resources
  • Interested in assisting CDPH as a Contact Tracer? Email for more info. 


The California Endowment (TCE) hosted a Discussion of Policy Options for Contract Tracing for California on May 5, 2020. With the following attendees.

  • Tony Iton, Senior Vice President, The California Endowment (TCE)
  • Carolyn Ortega, Assistance for Tony Iton
  • John Cordova, Statewide Director, Health Workforce Initiative
  • Kat DeBurgh, Executive Director, Health Officers Association of California
  • Diane Factor, Director, Worker Education & Resource Center, Inc.
  • Jonathan Freedman, Vice President, Health Management Associates (Consultant)
  • Michelle Gibbons, Executive Director, County Health Executives Association of California
  • Rishi Manchanda, President, HealthBegins
  • Brian Mimura, Program Manager – Health Equity Int Central Valley, The California Endowment
  • Jeff Oxendine, CEO, Health Career Connection
  • Patricia Powers, Principal, Health Innovations Group (Consultant) policy issues
  • Sandra Shewry, Vice President, External Engagement, California Health Care Foundation
  • Abby Snay, Deputy Secretary, Future of Work
  • Mary Pittman, President, Public Health Institute

More information will be forthcoming as reported.