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    • Though your programs may not be attending an actual clinical setting and providing a virtual or remote/ laboratory clinical setting, please continue to upload the data as required. 
    • Under the clinical tab for "clinical training site" please place remote, or laboratory.
    • Collect the languages per cohort and you normally would enter the data
    • Additionally, once you enter the data, I will forward the data enter received from the email 
    • Please note the following.
      • K-12 Based Adult Education Programs
        • If your Adult Education program is with the K-12 education system, please consult with your local CDE Office of Adult Education for any data you must report. 
      • Community College Based Adult Education Programs
        • Please use this portal for entering your data for programs required per AB 1348 each semester. 

2021-2022 Academic Year Data Collection

  • Beginning in the 2021–22 academic year, and in each academic year thereafter, the chancellor’s office shall collect from colleges, and report on, all certificates or degrees related to allied health professionals that require clinical training. All other allied health programs need to report. 
  • Reporting needs to be done every semester (Fall, spring, Summer) that clinical sites are being used for training.
  • When to report:  around week 6-8 of the semester or after students begin the placement (whichever comes first). 
2020-2021 Academic Year Data Collection
  • For the Spring data, if you have a collection of data to input please proceed as normal. If the COVID-19 pandemic, limited clinical for students and you are reporting none, please enter the groups in the system with zero for your data captures. 

  • Fall Semester 2020 - data is due around the sixth week of the semester. 

  • The following programs will be required to input data in the 20-21 academic year per legislation: 

    • (A)  Cardiovascular Technologist. (B)  Certified Nurse Assistant. (C)  Dialysis Technician. (D)  Diagnostic Medical Sonographer. (E)  Medical Lab Technician. (F)  Orthopedic Assistant. (G)  Physical Therapy Aide and Assistant. (H)  Psychiatric Technologist. (I)  Radiologic Therapist. (J)  Speech-Language Pathology Aide

  • Programs to continued inputting data

    • (A)  Licensed Vocational Nurse. (B)  Medical Assistant. (C)  Occupational Therapy Aide. (D)  Radiologic Technologist. (E)  Respiratory Care Therapist. (F)  Pharmacy Technician and Technologist. (G)  Surgical Technician and Technologist.

  • All data must be entered into this system and is the responsibility of the college program

    • There is no access to upload data or import data into the system


SB 1348, Pan. Postsecondary education: allied health professional clinical programs: reporting



- Please contact Brenda Fong for any questions related to the SB1348 data collection at 

Need Assistance?

For assistance submitting data please reach out to your local Regional Director.


Please fill out the form to submit data related to SB1348 legislation. The form will time out at 2 hours for security and performance reasons. If you need longer than 2 hours to complete the form submit it before 2 hours and then follow the link in the confirmation email you recieve to continue entering your data.

ProgramYearSemesterGroupCohortClinical Training SiteLicense# or EIN# of Students at SiteAmerican Sign LanguageArabicChineseFarsiRussianSpanishTagalogOther# Other LanguagesAmount¹SWP Funds Used to Support?SWP Plan ID from NOVAPerkins funds used to support?Perkins Plan ID from NOVAOther CTE grant funds used to supportIf other, please specify 
¹ Did the clinical site receive donation, money, compensation, or exchange of consideration was offered or provided to the business, nonprofit, or other organization, clinic, hospital, or other location where the student was placed? If yes, enter amount.