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Certified Nurse Assistant Testing Information



  • Geriatric Clinical Simulation at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
  • The purpose of the Center is to disseminate innovative, evidence-based clinical simulations involving older adults, focusing on the educational needs of registered nurses, licensed practical nurses and nursing assistants. Simulations cover scenarios ranging from acute exacerbations of chronic conditions to sentinel events, such as falls. Select clinical simulations incorporate interdisciplinary content that facilitates communication between nurses and physicians.

Skills Videos (CNA Credits Santa Barbara City College)

Disclaimer for CNA Videos

01 Washes Hands

02 Knee-High Stocking

03 Ambulates Using Belt

04 Assists with Bedpan

05 Cleans Dentures

06 Counts Radial Pulse

07 Counts Respirations

08 Dons Gown and Gloves

09 Dresses Client

10 Feeds Client

11 Modified Bed Bath

12 Makes an Occupied Bed

13 Measures and Records Blood Pressure

14 Measures and Records Urinary Output

15 Measures and Records Weight

16 Performs Passive Range of Motion One Knee

17 Range of Motion - Shoulder

18 Positions on Side

19 Catheter Care Female

20 Fingernail Care

21 Provides Foot Care

22 Mouth Care

23 Perineal Care

24 Transfer to Wheelchair