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Calif Department of Public Health - CNA/ HHA


UPDATED 3/12/2020 1529

In consultation with the CDPH today we have recommendations based on the impact of COVD-19 and clinical displacements. Please consider this is information received from CPDH, as college districts are taking measures to move to online education and clinical sites are restricting assess for the student. If you must close the campus and move to online instruction, you are required to request program change approval if not previously approved.

  • There will be NO approval for simulation use in place of clinical assignments/ experiences.
  • CPDH is strongly encouraging other use of facilities for clinical assignments.
  • If the program no longer has access to clinical facility, consider  postponing the clinical portion of the approved course
  • If the approved program moves the clinical portion of the course to a later time, then you will NOT need a program change approval
    • Example: Program has approved Monday and Wednesday clinical days; you can postpone those clinical days to the summer session on approved Monday and Wednesday. This is not considered a program change
  • If the approved programs move the clinical portion of the course to a later time, and your approved clinical days change, you will NEED to request program change approval.
    • Example: Program has approved Monday and Wednesday clinical days, you postpone those clinical days to the summer session on new days Tuesday and Thursdays. This is considered a program change and you MUST seek program change approval
  • It is highly encouraged to request another clinical site affiliate agreement to extend your options.
    • If you are submitting an emergency clinical affiliate agreement for approval, please assure that on the application approval from you label on the top of the form “COVID-19”
    • Submit via your Nursing Program Surveyor and they will expedite the approval process
    • Clinical sites can be Long Term Care Facilities, Sub-Acute Care Facilities, and Intermediate Care Facilities
    • ACUTE care facilities are NOT an allowable use for clinical for Pre-Certified Nurse Assistant Programs
  • Programs moving to online education
    • If the current approved program is for in-classroom education, and your college district is moving to distance education, this is considered a program change.
      • You will need to contact the eLearning Division of CPDH to request this change at the following
        • or (916) 552-9967
      • In addition, you will need to contact your Nursing Surveyor for the program change approval
  • Any facility requesting programs to postpone clinical affiliations due to the COVID-19 should provide this in writing. Request this from the facility contact or the Administrator.
    • If there is no written documentation, then it is recommended to submit an email to the contact or administrator stating they are closed to student access for clinicals for your program file.
    • You are open to contact the Nursing Home Administrator Program unit for any locations non-compliant with your requests. This would be a last resort.
  • As always, this information is updated as we are receiving any news. Please reach out directly to your at CDPH for any questions related to your programs.

For any program change requests, please reach out to your Nursing Surveyor at the Training Program Review Unit. Please provide your program code and rationale for the program change. Further instructions from the Nursing Surveyor will be requested. If you are able to seek an alternate location, you can request emergency approval. To expedite the approval of new clinical training site agreements due to COVID-19, please indicate “COVID-19” on the application and we will process it immediately.