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DHBC Update

The Department of Consumer Affairs (DCA) submitted the Wet Lab waiver that allows students to obtain credit for online biomedical sciences courses without the use of a wet lab was approved. That’s good news! 

The bad news is that the waiver is limited in time duration and only valid for 60 days from July 13, 2020, the signed date, which basically only provides assistance for students completing the courses over the summer. 

There is language in it that allows for amendments or further extension.

In the waiver, it states:

This order is effective immediately but may be amended as circumstances require.

This order terminates 60 days from the date of the order unless further extended.

The DHBC is aware of the waiver’s shortcomings and will work with DCA to try and get it amended for a longer period of time as this duration is not congruent with the needs of programs and what was previously requests. 

More information can be found here Communities of Practice: Dental Hygiene