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HWI Innovations in Health Occupations Education Conference

The Innovations in Health Occupations Education Conference was a great success in sharing teaching methodologies using technology and hands-on training for student engagement and increase learning outcomes. The over 140 attendees were grateful for the opportunity to explore tools to change their delivery to the millennial student population, but also maintain a traditional approach to teaching.  The conference was held on January 12, 2017 at the DoubleTree Ontario Airport.

Keynote Presentation: Teaching: What We Know Works (so far)

Breakout Session: Mindful Teaching and Learning

Catherine Haras, Director, Center for Effective Teaching and Learning, California State University, Los Angeles

Your conference was fantastic! I especially enjoyed the Mindful Teaching and the different approaches to communication – that was amazing and I could listen and study more! I am not a faculty, but in my position of a State Director of a nursing advocacy association learning how to communicate more effectively with our members and with Legislators, and how to get them to change their ‘learned knowledge’ is vitally important.  Mindful Teaching and Learning is a game-changer.

Marketa Houskova, ANA/C State Director


Learning Together! Different Ways to Deliver the Same Content!

Casey Scudmore, RN, MSN (Nursing Professor, Antelope Valley College) kept her workshop participants engaged from start to finish by sharing a multitude of ways to enhance the classroom experience for adult learners in nursing and allied health classes.  Her practical examples stimulated both novice and experienced instructors to utilize new methods of encouraging learning, understanding, and retention.

Learn...Teach...Repeat: Using Anatomy Boot Camp to Increase Critical Thinking Skills

Jonna Schengel, PT, MA, Ed.D. (Program Director, College of the Sequoias Physical Therapy Assistant Program) demonstrated the success of “learning by doing” and “learning by teaching” by having her workshop participants teach each other about hip anatomy.  By the end of the session, the attendees had first-hand experience that a best practice for health care programs is to help our students become the "expert" and then teach someone else.

Course Redesign with Technology


Dr. Jung demonstrated the use of a patient avatar to allow nursing students to virtually practice assessment skills and rehearse communicating with the physician. The on-line program even allowed students to have a “hallway” conversation with the instructor before entering the patient’s room.

Mobile Health: Students Providing Health Services to Underserved Populations 

Kathleen Rindahl, DNP, FNP-C, Assist. Prof., School of Nursing, Fresno State University

Dr. Rindahl shared how Fresno State University’s mobile health clinic 1) provides health care to underserved populations, 2) provides clinical training sites and 3) promotes inter-professional collaboration using a rehabilitated mobile trailer, grant funding and imagination.  

Testimonials from participants

“The HWI Innovation conference was a refreshing opportunity to learn from those in the field employing innovative strategies that are proven to benefit students and ensure they are successful as they pursue a career in health care. Health professions training of any kind is rigorous and challenging. As a representative of the health industry, it was very heartening to meet so many individuals that are truly committed to creatively educating and supporting their students. Hospitals will benefit from the time these faculty spent at the innovations conference in the form of a better prepared workforce in the future.”

Cathy Martin, Vice President, Workforce Policy, California Hospital Association

Other testimonials:

  • I am going to review everything I have learned in that I can decide which strategy will serve me best with my students. I am very excited to start something new.
  • I really enjoyed using anatomy boot camp and having students teach other students in 1st and 2nd Semester to help become experts.
  • I so enjoyed the key note speaker. So motivated to change my presenter to new student orientation. Loved this conference!
  • Fantastic Event! Thank you. Organized! Loved it!
  • This was my first HWI program and I loved it & will be happy to attend more programs in the future.