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Medical Assisting Education Review Board



We recognize that you are evaluating the impact of COVID-19, and different communities are affected in different ways.  We understand that you are probably making contingency plans based upon how your specific community is affected by COVID-19, and we wanted to let you know that we are invested in helping you in any way that we can. You may find that you encounter the following situations, as you develop contingency plans, and we have provided a brief response to those possible contingency plans:

  • You are asked to put more of your didactic material online so that students do not need to come to class meetings. This would not require MAERB approval as long as none of the psychomotor and affective competencies in the following content areas are taught online:  Anatomy & Physiology; Infection Control; and Protective Practices.  
  • The academic term is extended so that students can complete the necessary in-person affective and psychomotor competencies for their coursework. This would not require MAERB approval as it is an institutional decision, and the accreditation requirements are being fulfilled.  
  • The practicum time frame needs to be extended due to clinics limiting the participation of students during this period.  This would not require MAERB approval as it is an institutional decision, and the accreditation requirements are being fulfilled. 
  • The institution is closed, and the program is put on hold, delaying students’ progress, and students are put on a formal leave of absence.  MAERB would need to be notified, but it would be an institutional decision and would not require MAERB approval. 
  • And the list could continue, based upon the circumstances.  We will keep you informed as other items might come up. 

As you know, for students to graduate from a CAAHEP-accredited medical assisting program, students need to fulfill all the requirements of the program, the school, and the CAAHEP Standards.  At the same time, institutions can adapt in setting up different time frames and modalities.  Please feel free to contact me ( with any specific questions about your situation.  But the central point is that the institution and program can adapt and adjust as long as students can fulfill the central requirements of a CAAHEP-accredited medical assisting program. 

Sarah R. Marino, PhD

Executive Director

Medical Assisting Education Review Board