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Nurse Tim: HWI December 2019 Webinar of the Month

Examining Grade Inflation in Nursing Education

Have you ever wondered if or how assessment practices might lean towards grade inflation? Or, have you been concerned that overall GPAs in your nursing program might be trending upward without merit? Or, have you encountered a 4.0 student in a Capstone course who cannot communicate in writing, much less demonstrate critical thinking? It may be an arduous task to evaluate students, but we nursing faculty must preserve academic integrity with the best of efforts. Grade inflation is the phenomenon under consideration in this webinar. In this webinar, we'll share from the literature and discuss perspectives. Then we'll explore possible solutions to address grade inflation across all of nursing education.


  • Establish practical strategies to mitigate grade inflation in all spheres of nursing education.

  • Develop parameters for assessing grade inflation in nursing education.

  • Define grade inflation.

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