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Behavioral-Mental Health Educator Tool Kit Preparing Youth for Careers that pay

Commissioned by the Health Workforce Initiative of the California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office with funding from Kaiser Permanente Mental Health and Wellness (MHW) Initiative Strategic Partnership Grant 16040.

The Behavioral-Mental Health Educator Tool Kit will address the increasing need for courses to create a pipeline to careers in the behavioral health field. As California’s growth in retirement age population increases to 87% in the next 10 years, the demand for primary care workers continues to rise.

Section 1: Introductions, Project Purpose, Meet the Experts, and Call to Action

  • Introduction: Behavioral-Mental Health Educator Tool Kit: Preparing Youth for Careers that Pay Project Innovation
  • Project Purpose: Vision, Goals, and Objectives
  • Meet the Experts:  Educators and Community Leaders
  • Call To Action: Opportunities and Solutions

Section 2: Learn, Plan, Develop, and Maintain

  • Learn: Connecting Through Stakeholders. Identify and Connect.
  • Plan: Program Planning
  • Develop: Sample Applications and Proposals, Labor Market Information, Funding, & Advocating for Your Program
  • Maintain: Course Review and Progress Tracking

Section 3: Curriculum & Course Outlines

  • Curriculum
  • Course Outlines

Section 4: Community Engagement Models

  • Community-Based Organizations: A Valuable Partnership
  • Three Current Community Models

Section 5: Things to consider Wisdom From The Field


Relevant Resources, Supplemental Materials, Reproducible Forms & Templates, and Educator Resources Master List From The Experts