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Medical Assistant, Administrative

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Job Description

Administrative Medical Assistants are responsible for the administrative and clerical work in medical offices, hospitals, other medical facilities, or private physician offices. They keep records, answer phone calls, order supplies, handle correspondence, bill patients, complete insurance forms and transcribe dictation. They may keep financial records, handle credits and collections and other bookkeeping duties. They greet patients, schedule appointments, and obtain medical histories, arrange hospital admissions and schedule surgeries.

Educational Programs/Qualifications

Most employers require Administrative Medical Assistants to have a high school diploma or equivalent and type between 60 and 90 words per minute. Administrative Medical Assistants need to know medical terms and office procedures. Computer literacy and the ability to use medical software programs are now basic requirements. These workers also need to have good written and verbal communication skills and basic math skills. The ability to complete and explain medial insurance forms is important to some employers.

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