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Speech Language Pathologist

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Job Description

Speech Language Pathology Assistants work under the supervision of Speech Language and Pathology Therapists providing assistance in the diagnosis and treatment of language, voice and speaking problems. Their patients may not have developed adequate speech and language or may have lost the ability to communicate with others. Causes of such speech problems include developmental disabilities, cerebral palsy, cleft palate, hearing loss, brain injury or stroke. Speech-language pathologists help people who stutter to increase their fluency, help people who have had strokes or experienced brain trauma to regain speech and help children who have language disorders to improve understanding and speaking skills. Other patients may be helped with eating or swallowing difficulties as well as problems with pitch and harsh voices. Individuals who have little or no speech ability may be taught to use automated devices or sign language, to make sounds, improve their voice or increase language skills.

Educational Programs/Qualifications

Speech Language Pathology Assistants must be able to communicate clearly, have patience and provide support and encouragement to patients and their families.

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