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Culturally Responsive, Evidence-Based Practices For Engaging Communities Of Color: Series 1 & 2  

Workshop Description:

Cultural diversity and the emphasis on evidence-based care have sparked dialogues regarding best practices for engaging communities of color. Given the current climate and disparities in care, we have a responsibility to embody cultural humility when serving clients. As the needs of the healthcare industry, including state- and national-level mandates, require implementing culturally responsive care, this workshop has a central aim in ensuring that providers have the necessary tools to deliver culturally responsive, evidence-based care.  

Who Should Attend:

Open to unlicensed and licensed individuals working in behavioral/mental health-related settings including Agency Supervisors and Managers, Counselors, Direct Care Staff, Educators, Nurses, Social Workers, Support Staff, Students, and Therapists.

Culturally Responsive, Evidence-Based Practices for Engaging Communities of Color (Part Two of Two)


Continuing Education units will be made available for these professional development workshops. Please see the flyers and registration for details.